muscovado raw sugar

Muscovado sugar is manufactured from sugar cane juice that has been processed and evaporated until the natural molasses content becomes a raw sugar known as “Muscovado.” The word “mascavado” is a Portuguese word that means “unrefined”. This type of sugar is an important ingredient often used in cakes, cookies, chocolate, baked goods, root crop delights, jams, and even drinks.

In the Philippines, muscovado sugar, or raw sugar, is the key ingredient for Biko (Filipino sweet rice cake) and many more, which give a delectable taste and the right sweetness to the recipe to enhance flavor.

Popular uses of muscovado, or raw sugar:

Chocolates – muscovado sugar blends well with cocoa products as a sweetener.

Coffee – muscovado sugar is the best sweetener for coffee.

Sauces – muscovado sugar is the best ingredient to include in sauces because of its natural taste, which improves the flavor.

Baking goods – muscovado sugar is good to use to have an even stronger molasses flavor and enhance the taste.

Where to buy muscovado sugar?

Muscovado sugar is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, there are a growing number of commercial brands appearing on the market. You may simply get muscovado sugar at your local market, supermarkets, nearby shops, grocery stores, or even online.

muscovado raw sugar

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