string beans

String beans are one of the most popular vegetables in the Philippines, often known as sitaw.

It is a natural legume and is more closely related to cowpea beans (black-eyed pea). The pods are edible and can be boiled or steamed and eaten as green vegetables. The best recipe for string beans in the Philippines is adobong sitaw. This vegetable is grown all year long, but the optimal months to plant are May and June for planting during the wet season and October and November for planting during the dry season. You can simply plant string beans even in your backyard, but it needs a tree guard where the stem freely crawls and produces string pods.

string beans or sitaw

Nutritional Value
Beans are a good source of copper, which helps connective tissue to grow; vitamin K, which helps wounds heal more quickly; fiber, which helps the digestive system function normally; and vitamin C, which helps the immune system. The beans also contain iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium to safeguard bones and teeth, potassium to maintain fluid balance, and vitamin A to support healthy organ function.

These ingredients are frequently used in culinary preparations.

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