The tomato, or Solanum lycopersicum, is a flowering nightshade plant (Solanaceae) that is widely grown for its edible fruits.

Tomatoes are classified as a vegetable since they are a good source of the phytochemical lycopene and the vitamin C they contain. Common uses for the fruits include eating them raw in salads, cooking them as a vegetable, adding them to other prepared foods, and pickling them. Furthermore, a sizable portion of the global tomato production is utilized for processing, resulting in items like tomato juice, ketchup, puree, paste, and “sun-dried” or dehydrated pulp.

tomato or solanum lycopersicum

Vegetable or fruit?
In terms of botany, the tomato is categorized as a fruit even though it is essentially a berry. However, the majority of people refer to it as a vegetable, much like in horticulture.

These ingredients are frequently used in culinary preparations.

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