yellow onion

Yellow Onion – one of many varieties of onions.

This is referred to as the all-purpose onion, and it is the one we use most frequently. The flavor of yellow onions is nicely balanced between astringency and sweetness, and as they cook longer, their sweetness increases. They often have layers of flesh inside and a pretty strong exterior covering. Spanish onions are a specific variety of yellow onion that have a taste that is more delicate and somewhat sweet.

yellow onion

Product: Bulb, Onions
Category: Vegetables for Cooking
Characteristics: Typically, the white flesh is spherical and flaky on the outside.
Appearance: Skin ranges in color from yellow to gold to copper and has darker outer layers and lighter inner layers.
Flavor: They can be sweet or sour, soft or crisp, tangy or dripping with umami. Depending on the variety.
Size: the diameter ranges from a few inches to six inches.
Availability: Year-round
Suggested preparations/common use: It is frequently prepared and added to a wide range of recipes. Some of the sweeter varieties might be good eaten raw, like sandwiches stuffed with slices of white onions.

These ingredients are frequently used in culinary preparations.

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