The chayote or sayote is an edible plant. It is a light-green fruit that resembles a squash and is shaped like a pear. It belongs to the gourd family.

This fruit was originally grown in southern Mexico and Honduras, where it was first cultivated. Each fruit is commonly 3 to 4 inches in length and bears one seed implanted in the green to green-white pulp. The fruits of certain types are hairy or spiky; it depends on the area or places where they are grown.
The light green skin of the chayote is crisp when uncooked and becomes softer when cooked. Chayote is a delicious, nutritious food with a soft, mild, and somewhat sweet flavor that is similar to cucumber. Most often, the chayote fruit is cooked. Chayote is typically prepared like summer squash when it is cooked.

chayote sayote

In the Philippines, we pronounce it “sayote” and use it in ginisa recipes and even tinola dishes, so we included it in the ingredients list. For example, in tinolang manok, we usually use unripe papaya, but if papaya is unavailable, chayote is a good substitute. Chayote is a full pack of nutrients. It is best to eat this, and we regularly include it in our family’s regular meals. If you’re looking for a chayote recipe, feel free to check out our simple chayote archive recipes.

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