Awesome style of eggs to cook.

This method of cooking may be helpful to you if you’re looking for a style of fried eggs. We all know that everyone can easily cook a fried egg. But for me, it should be better to exert a title effort on our fried egg to make it more appetizing.  We know that fried eggs are usually eaten for breakfast with a side of steamed rice or pieces of bread like burgers, and it’s better to serve them with styles that well indicate the level of doneness. 


Sunny side up: The egg is fried without being flipped, with the yolk facing up.

sunny side up eggs style of eggs

Over easy: The egg has been flipped, but the yolk is still runny.

over easy fried egg

Over medium: The egg has been flipped, and the yolk is slightly runny.

over medium fried egg

Over-hard: The egg is turned and the yolk is hard-cooked.

over hard fried egg

Basted: This is the same as sunny-side-up, but instead of leaving the yolks alone, heated pan oil is drizzled over the egg yolk, allowing the top to slightly fry.

basted fried egg


Step 1

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Set the right temperature and adjust the heat accordingly. Spray vegetable oil or butter onto a non-stick pan. To prevent the eggs from sticking, make sure the pan is well-oiled.

Step 2

Once the pan is well oiled over the right heat, crack the eggs into a bowl or directly into the pan. Season with salt and/or ground pepper to taste. (optional).

Step 3

Let the egg cook for a few minutes depending on your heat source and on the style of your fried egg of your choice. When cooked through, transfer to a serving plate and serve immediately.

That’s it. You can make perfect fried eggs at home.

Happy cooking. Share and enjoy eating.

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